Pinball Wrestling was created to further the ultra competitive world of belt driven pinball shenanigans. Pinball Wrestling was the brainchild of James Frost-Winn and Paul Williams. Oliver Kohut, Hannah Holmberg Hatch (Triple H) and the two creators heretofore shall be called “Founders” and all rules, regulations, decisions, changes and general practices will be solely at their discretion.  The physical belts are the explicit property of Pinball Wrestling. The following rules set forth for belts, matches, venues, challenges etc. can be changed by the Founders majority consent at any time. The underlying philosophy of changes will be based in good faith and for the promotion of Pinball Wrestling and not entirely to benefit the Founders.  Pinball Wrestling does not adhere to any legal body of pinball rules or regulations. Those rules and regulations are first and foremost for whiners and losers. All complaints or rule infractions based upon established pinball guidelines outside of Pinball Wrestling can be written on paper...folded up seven times...and placed inside the complainer aggressively where the sun does not shine.  


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